You Are Not Excluded

Looking at the banner photo of Devin and me, you probably assumed that the King + Queen segment of my blog is solely about marriage. Didn’t ya? 🙂 It’s okay…but I just wanted to clarify that this segment will address relationships, character-building, overcoming challenges in relationships, what I’ve learned in the first few years of marriage, and anything I feel could benefit us in our relationships with our spouses, significant others, and even in relationship to our Ultimate King–Christ.

With this said, I want to encourage all of my single friends/readers that you are not excluded…and I don’t just mean from this section of the blog. We live in a society that puts great emphasis on relationships, marriage, being in love, being with someone forever and always, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of marriage as God intended and I LOVE a good Nicholas Sparks novel, movie, meme, anything really. I get so sappy over the stories where a guy and girl grew up loving each other since they were five years old, grew apart, but always knew they would end up together. I love the stuff! My second favorite holiday–and I am completely shameless about this–is Valentine’s Day! In short, I LOVE love, ya’ll.

What I am saying, though, is that you ought not feel less-than in any way because you are single. It may not be the relationship status you thought would characterize your life at this stage–whether because you have never dated, had a bad break-up, or because you are divorced. Regardless of why you are single, it does not HAVE to characterize you in a negative way. Look at this as a moment in time where you can grow, mature, heal, save, travel, learn to love, start your business, broaden your social circle, go into your prayer closet more deeply…the options are endless. Whatever you do, understand above all that you are valued, treasured, and given a purpose by Christ Himself.

So, if you have been down and out, peeved that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, still embarrassed from how your mom called you out at Christmas for not having a significant other, or angry that he/she broke up with you after years of commitment, know that you are not excluded. Even if you are indifferent about your singleness and are living it up, know that you are not excluded. You have your place in the body of Christ, in the ministry, in your career, while you pursue your Master’s, as a light among your peers, wherever. And, as one of my favorite chick preachers, Christine Cain, says, “embrace your place!” Don’t run from this place in your life. Embrace EVERY season as it comes with its challenges, joys, accomplishments, and pit-stops. I guarantee you EVERY season of life has them, friends.

All of this said, you (and everyone) are welcome here. This blog, this page about relationship and marriage, is open to all who desire to read! Enjoy!

Cheers to Wearing YOUR Crown Well.




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