Resource: Propel Women

Every now and again I come across a resource that speaks directly to my thoughts, my passions, and my desire for understanding. Propel Women, an organization geared towards empowering women to lead, is that sort of resource to me. The insights given via all of their resources are so life-giving in practical, relevant ways (so check them out!)

The video you will find in the link features Carolyn McCulley–a filmmaker at Citygate Films–who discusses how to disentangle our identity from our productivity. This is such an important concept because we can sometimes place so much pressure and expectation on ourselves where our productivity and performance are concerned that we forget our identity is found in Christ, not in the fleeting things of this world.

I hope the truths unpacked in this video speak to you profoundly. Keep an open heart and allow the Lord to show you where you have defined your own identity. Then allow Him to tell you who you truly are in Him.

Cheers to separating our identity from our productivity!


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