Sing the Song He Gives

Two weeks ago my husband surprised me with a trip to Cancun, Mexico for my birthday. For months I thought we were going to Florida for a few days of fun in the sun. I never saw this surprise coming, so BIG kudos to hubby for such a special trip 🙂 While we were in Mexico, I took care to observe things closely because I enjoy having vivid memories after an experience is over.

We stayed at cute little place near the neighborhood where the locals lived. I loved this area because we were able to experience Mexico in a completely different way than we would have if we had stayed in the resort district. While on our trip, I took notice of:

  • The uniforms the children were wearing as they left school for the day.
  • The housing conditions of the locals in under-developed communities.
  • Stray dogs on several streets.
  • The abundance of white compact cars used for taxis.
  • Shoe-less children who walked through restaurants to ask for water and to sell little trinkets.
  • The beautiful reef replete with colorful fish.
  • The generic store names.

I noticed many other things while in Mexico, but what stood out to mewas the song of the birds. They sang quite uniquely to the birds I hear in the states. Where the birds in the states sing more sweetly, softly and intermittently, the birds in Mexico were more boisterous, consistent and deliberate with their songs. In both cases, the birds sing the songs they were created to sing—the song God gave them.

I highly doubt that the birds in Cancun are apprehensive to sing their song because they esteem the sweet, melodic songs of American birds as better than theirs. Additionally, I don’t believe that the American birds take a vow of silence because they don’t have the vocal capacity of the birds in Cancun who sing boisterously.

There are times as worship leaders when we can question the value of our gift on the basis of the strengths of another worship leader’s gift. This decision to compare ourselves to another can prove detrimental to the development of our craft as well as our ability to confidently complete the assignments we are given to lead worship. When an assignment is given to you, only YOU can complete it the way God intends. It wouldn’t matter if Chris Tomlin himself walked onto the stage. If it is your assignment, if God has given you the prophetic or spontaneous song for that moment, it wouldn’t matter if Stephanie Frizzell or Jenn Johnson came to take the mic.

We must learn to cherish the gifts God has given us. We must take ownership of the songs and melodies He has given us so that we can steward the moments He provides for us to share them. Yes, it is important for us to have mentors and coaches and models in our worship leader ministry function. However, when it all boils down to it, there is no one who can reproduce the sound God has placed in your heart. It’s time to start believing that He wants to use YOU for His glory! What a privilege!

Cheers to singing the song He gives us.




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