MOM BOSS – What SING taught me about enterprising motherhood!

Hey mommies! I am just recently out of my first-year-as-a-mom-of-two-boys self-declared hiatus. Adrien turned one in April which means that I am free to slowly but surely evaluate what’s important to me outside of motherhood, what goals I want to re-focus on.IMG_7211Why did I take this hiatus? Why did I need it? Well, because social media has a way of making mamas feel like they have to bounce back into all the things and in all the ways and all at once. In a humble protest against this societal pressure, I gave myself a break to be a mom. I’d heard so many mamas talk about how they didn’t remember their second child’s first year of life due to all the hustle and bustle.

And, while it is true that you don’t take as many pictures of your second child, I was very intentional about being present in my two boy’s life while we as a family navigated this wonderful new change. Along with welcoming Adrien into the world, we moved into our home, started serving at a new church, transitioned Ayden into a new daycare, and Devin and I both started new jobs.

I needed to give myself this grace!IMG_3622But now…oh boy! I feel like a force to be reckoned with. Nooo life isn’t a cake walk, we are still navigating balance and discipline to stick to the schedule we’ve created so that the day-to-day doesn’t become cluttered. Still, I fee like I have the margin to explore some of the goals I set my sights on at the top of the year.

I am sure that the process with be neither linear nor perfect…and I’m okay with that!  What I’m NOT okay with, though, is settling in and playing it safe. I wasn’t created and endowed with gifts to play it safe. I’m willing to take a chance on me – for my kids, for our family legacy, for my soul’s happiness, for my Father’s good pleasure.

What got me to this point? Well, if you’re a mama, you’ve probably seen SING a trillion and one times. It would seem that this is how many times it took for me to get my butt in gear – haha! The piggy mama in SING is #MomGoals…she was enterprising, unwilling to compromise her dreams. She was also simultaneously unwilling to let her babies suffer because of her dreams.

This mama devised means to make it all happen, and we know how well that turned out for her! So I’ll leave you with the clip from the movie here…because #MomGOALS and a digital kick in the buttocks (the same one’s I’m squatting and praying come back LOL!) to get you up and after your goals. Don’t sit out on the sidelines! Do what you have to in order to become who you envision.

Whether this means building a team to take your business to the next level, hiring a nanny to help so that you can write your book (or just relax!), facing your fear of failure and taking that exam for the next step in your career, or just setting aside time to write out your goals…YOU CAN DO THIS! You are brilliantly enterprising and equipped for every good work.

Cheers to Enterprising Motherhood,



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