About Me


I am a native Marylander and lover of Boardwalk Fries. My husband is the perfect gift and God chose to give him to me…together we are mommy and daddy to four of the yummiest little boys. Ayden Michael (6), Adrien Michael (3), Ace Michael (1), Avery Michael (1). I’m both a boy mom and a twin mom! It’s a busy and beautiful life, y’all!

Primarily, I would describe myself as a worshiper. I have a deep desire to use music as a platform to share Jesus’ love and teach people about His presence and the truth of His love and Word. There’s literally nothing like resting at the feet of Jesus…

I’m also am a girly girl to the max–but you will usually find me in clothes that allow me to run behind our boys with ease. I love to cook for family–it brings joy to my heart. The feeling of having someone enjoy something you’ve made is unmatched. With a love for all things beautiful, I am a baker, cake artist, and the face behind Elle and Emma’s Bake Shop. My signature cake style is elegant, floral-centric with an artistic flair. Really, I’ll take pink, rose gold and fresh florals any day!

Well, thanks for deciding to be a part of my story as I share the details of this thing called life. Hopefully you will smile and be inspired as you peruse.

All the Best, Friends,

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One comment

  1. Derricka McDaniel · January 19, 2015

    Love it. Absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your transparency. I’m excite to read your posts! You’re awesome Mrs. Ashley.

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