About Me

I am a native Marylander. I love Jesus more than anything in this world and want to share His love with everyone I come in contact with. My husband is the perfect gift and God chose to give him to me…together we are mommy and daddy to the prince of our hearts–Ayden Michael.

I am a girly girl to the max–bows, heels, a little make up and a lot of glee. I love to cook for family–it brings joy to my heart.  My favorite color to wear is black–because you can’t go wrong (my husband disagrees!). Writing is one of my passions because it helps me to encourage others with my story. I am a seminarian and am passionate about ministry–doing life with people and helping them do life–missions work is a huge part of that for me. I am a new runner and passionate about fitness and health–although I am not a guru.  I am a worshiper and desire to use music as a platform to share Jesus’ love and teach them about His presence and truth. Overall, I am thankful for life and joyful about it…we only have one earthly life to live and I am determined to die emptied of everything I was placed here to leave behind. Thanks for deciding to be a part of my story as I share the details of this thing called life. Hopefully you will smile as you peruse and realize that you, too, are a Crowned Jewel.















One comment

  1. Derricka McDaniel · January 19, 2015

    Love it. Absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your transparency. I’m excite to read your posts! You’re awesome Mrs. Ashley.

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