Finding Your Destiny

A friend of mine and I were speaking with a young lady not too long ago who communicated to me how she was facing a dilemma. She was sure that God was leading her to surrender more of herself to Him. She was also sure that she desired to have more of God, more of His presence. However, the dilemma was found in that she did not know what this looked like—or how she would reach the destiny God had for her.  After all, there were so many options to consider. Would her destiny take shape via traditional means of college and a career in the secular arena? Would she end up in full time ministry? If so, would her ministry function be what she currently enjoyed doing in the ministry? How could she reach her destiny with fears, insecurities, and perceived sense of inadequacy? Would God give instructions openly or in the personal time spent with Him? She wanted all of the answers, all of the gifting, all of the prophecy, all of her destiny right in that moment.

Don’t we all?

Well, as my friend and I were sharing insight with her, a profound truth was brought to light. I can’t remember whether my friend or I shared this truth (which isn’t all that important)—but it resonated with me. The profundity was this: As believers, our lives are not about reaching one destiny on earth. There are several destinations along the way at which times God will give us assignments, prune the fruit of our hearts, use us in big and small ways, and show us more of who He is. As He is our Guide, our responsibility is to respond with an affirmative, “yes, Lord.” The truth is that we will not reach our final destination until we see Christ.

It is also true that God will give us glimpses into our calling and the work He has for us to do in the earth. Still, we must be careful to follow Him, because the ideas we sometimes have about our ultimate destiny on earth is much smaller than what God has in mind for us to do. Thus, we must remain open and willing servants so that we can experience the God of Ephesians 3:20! Also, as you journey with Christ, don’t forget to celebrate your arrival at each destination. I know I am sometimes guilty of being a big-picture person so much that I do not celebrate each season I have entered and exited by grace.

So, let’s make a new commitment today to give thanks for every destination along the way—great or small. Remember, our final destination is found in the hope of Christ’s appearing. So, rest in His grace, keep pressing into God knowing that your steps are ordered! Not one step will ever be wasted, friends, even when you don’t understand the season you’re in or the path you’re on.

Cheers to trusting God and remaining patient.




You Have the Answer

So many times I have become restless about achieving goals and accomplishing the vision I believe God has put in my heart. At these time you could hear me talking to God as I walk around the house saying, “God I don’t know! I just don’t knowwaaahhh!” Yes, I whine at God sometimes, and I can imagine Him giving me the side eye and shaking His head at me because I go through so many antics.

But, as I was thinking about this post, thoughts that came to me while in a Children’s Benadryl-induced stupor (random allergic reaction to some unknown something), God spoke to my heart and said, “YOU have the answer.” I immediately responded with, “I do?” Silence. I took that silence as a positive affirmation that I possessed the answers to so many questions about life, direction, and next steps.

Through this brief conversation with the Lord, I understood that He had prompted me several times to take this step or make that move, but I had hesitated–disobeyed really. My issue up until that point was that I wanted ALL the answers, not just the one God had provided me with. I wanted ALL the creativity to become an epiphany to me right away. I wanted every next step for the next five years to fall into my lap, stroking the ego of my human genius and intellect. Yet, God reminded me that every answer I needed for what I was seeking Him for had been given to me. In the small promptings, in the ideas that seemed too big and too risky, in the messages my pastor had preached, in the encouraging words of friends and mentors challenging me to do “it.”

Since it is a new year, I’m sure you have seen a ton of motivational, get-out-there-and-do-it, follow-your-heart messages, memes, commercials, etc. However, take a moment to pause and think about what you KNOW the Lord has given you instructions to do. It could be that book you’ve been constantly putting on the back burner. It could be reaching out to a family member you’ve been estranged from. It could be stepping up to take apply for a leadership role in the ministry or in your expanding company. Whatever answer you’ve already been given, write it down on the test paper of your life! Don’t wait, friends.

I am reminded of the story of Joseph. He was imprisoned in an Egyptian jail and had little hope for being released. That is, until the Pharaoh at that time realized Joseph had the gift to interpret dreams. In short, Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and was consequently released from prison. Imagine if Joseph had failed to use the gift of interpretation God had given him. How would fear have impacted the trajectory of Joseph’s life? How has fear impacted your life? Why haven’t you stepped out? You have the answer! Second Peter 1:3 says, “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.”

Essentially, this scripture lets you know that you have the answer(s) you need! Trust God, not your intellect, with every step (Prov. 3:5). Don’t let another day, month, or year pass by without moving forward towards destiny. Yes, God orchestrates our destinies, but miracles, success, favor, and breakthrough materialize when we OBEY and use the answer to pass the test.

Cheers to Wearing Your Crown Well, Friend.