For Your Sanity

When I finally decided I would do this blog “The Crowned Jewel,” I was hesitant to put a mommy category. First of all, my kid is only 13 months (how time flies). Secondly, I didn’t do all the things over his first year of life that the new mommy articles say you should. Come to think of it, I didn’t not do all the things they said you weren’t supposed to do, either…Basically I felt pretty under-qualified to be offering advice. Nonetheless, I decided to add the category to share my perspective, what worked for me, what I find challenging, etc. and so on. Ayden is healthy, vibrant, and happy…so that’s all that counts in my book.

All this said, today I wanted to share the importance of having a schedule. Whether your little one is 6 months or 26 months, it is really important to have a schedule for him/her, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mama. Babies, toddlers, and children thrive from structure, so it is in everyone’s best interest to begin developing a schedule. What I noticed with Ayden is that he has kind of set his own schedule since he was about 5 months from nap time to play time to lunch…just based on his personality and communication of needs to me.

Let’s be clear, though. There will be days that your little one absolutely couldn’t care less about a schedule, napping, eating well, getting dressed to go out, or having quiet time in her crib. It’s on these days we learn to go with the flow and pray for a multitude of grace and patience–which I have discovered the Lord always provides 🙂 Then there are the days when all your little one will want to do is sleep and be mellow. Not because he’s sick or anything, just because that’s what he wants to do that day (good for you!). What’s important is that you try to be in tune with what your baby/child needs so that both of you can have more smooth days than bumpy ones.

Below you will find what Ayden’s daily schedule looks like. I have increasingly added more structured learning times as he has gotten older, but the bones of the schedule have been the same for several months now as he has learned to settle into a schedule.

I’m saying a prayer for all you mamas out there reading this! May the Lord give you the strength, wisdom, and joy you need as you care for your little ones. This is a calling He has equipped you for on both the good and challenging days. This is another post for another day, but it I also have my own schedule that coincides with Ayden’s down time…allowing me to work, nap, step out of the house (when my support group is available to sit for us), etc.

In closing, you were made for this, mama! Enjoy your little ones while it lasts, because time seriously flies! And…for your sanity, start implementing that schedule 🙂

Ayden’s Schedule

8:10- Wakes Up (chills out in crib…I leave toys on his changing table so I can freshen up)

8:30- Breakfast (Usually toast and applesauce/yogurt/cream of wheat/sausage)

8:50- Learning Time (Your Baby Can Read)

9:10- Worship + Music (I play keys, he bangs on his drum and dances lol…usually turns into playtime at some point)

9:30- Snack (teddy grahams, apple slices, crackers…)

10:00- Story time (learning book)

10:15- Naptime (make lunch during nap)

12:45- Lunch (Fish sticks, baked french fries, applesauce, baked chicken breast, stage 3 foods whatever I have on-hand)

1:00- Learning (Your Baby Can Read)

1:20- Playtime

2:30- Quiet Time (Ayden loves his crib and will let you know when he needs quiet time–gets a little whiny)

3:00- Snack (usually same as before) + Run around time

4:00- Naptime (make dinner)

6:00- Dinner (Baked chicken, string beans, stage 3 foods…he can eat what we eat basically)

6:30 – 7:30- Combination of running around, daddy time, a little learning TV, sneaking up the stairs, etc…)

7:30, 8:00, or 8:30- Bedtime (After a full day we usually have no qualms at bedtime. He has a bottle then goes to sleep.)